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Can we introduce you to our new Manager/Vicar Tom?

Tom is 31 and grew up in Devon but moved up to Northamptonshire after school to work at the Frontier adventure centre in Irthlingborough. He’s had a variety of jobs since then, including pizza delivery driver, Youthworker and now Vicar. He’s married to Emma, after meeting in sunny Skegness and they have two young daughters. He probably won’t be compèring like his predecessor but he will certainly be ‘rolling in the aisles’ when we’re back up and running.

Rev Tom Houston

We asked the team to ask Tom a question here are his responses:

How do you feel about some of the more risqué acts we’ve had in the past and as the new Vicar how do you feel personally about continuing to push the boundaries?

I’m certainly not looking to sanitise the arts centre. I imagine there will be many brilliant upcoming acts with some really powerful material that will come out of this strange year we’ve had and I doubt many will come with a PG rating!

I think the arts is a fantastic platform to explore the full breadth of life, not just the viewpoint we’ve fallen into. I’m up to be challenged if you are…

What has been your favourite theatre/comedy/music/arts experience?

My first proper theatre experience was with my family in London watching the Lion King at age 12. The emotions that I felt watching the performance, especially the song ‘He Lives In You’, still affect me today. Having two young children means we haven’t been out much in the evenings but with the arts centre next door that should increase the chances!

Who is your favourite comedian?

I’m not stupid enough to name only one. But a few of my favourites are: Michael McIntyre, Noel fielding, Richard Ayode, James Acaster, Ed Gamble, Sarah Millican. I must admit I’m not up to speed with those who are up and coming but looking forward to supporting and encouraging new people into comedy.

Have you ever been really moved/inspired to make a change in your own life or those around you following a response from a piece of theatre/music/art?

Definitely, although I can’t think of a good example off the top of my head. I find that I often need to revaluate things especially with comedy. A good comedian can say things that cut to the core of an issue and allow you to see it in a different way, all whilst having a laugh.

Thank you Rev Tom for your honest and open answers, we can not wait to reopen and share all Kettering Arts Centre has to offer with you.

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