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Kettering Arts Centre is hosted in St Andrew’s Church, opposite Sainsbury’s just off the ring road on the corner of Rockingham Road and Lindsay Street, NN16  8RG


Many towns have Arts Centres, usually run by a management group and a team of volunteers to put on events that enrich the cultural life of their town. We felt it was time that Kettering had one too, and rather than wait until someone else did something about it, we decided to make things happen. Many Arts Centres are housed in disused churches. We  at St Andrew’s Church, town centre Kettering have a church building that is home to several thriving congregations, but which is still empty sometimes. So at a time when public, private and charitable funds are severely restricted we thought rather than buy or build a performance space, why not use our beautiful, historic, but flexible, town centre building.

All performances take place in the actual church building and access is through the main glass door with the Arts Centre logo on it. There is a public car park in front and our own church car park behind (accessed via Crown Street). We have a licensed cash bar, located at the back of the performance space, at reasonable prices. Where possible we use the local Potbelly beer and biogegradeable “plastic” glasses.

We always put on a programme of quality acts. We aim to book acts that we have seen personally or that we can wholeheartedly recommend through feedback from reviews, awards or personal recommendation. Acts that will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step, or challenge you to think, or broaden your horizons. And we aim to price competitively: you may well find many of the acts we put on are performing in Arts Centres in other towns with higher ticket prices.

So come along and enjoy yourself, let’s make this work together.

Nick and Becky Wills

Kettering Arts Centre at St Andrew’s Church

Kettering Arts Centre at St Andrew’s Church is on the corner of Rockingham Road/Lindsay Street opposite Sainsbury’s postcode NN16 8RG

office@ketteringartscentre.com Tel: 01536 513858

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18 Responses to About & Location

  1. Hello,

    We’re a Northamptonshire film and theatre company and we’re taking a brand new show, ‘Safe House’, up to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this August. We’re currently looking for local venues to do some preview shows in Northamptonshire. If Kettering Arts Centre is available for hire from 7-9.30pm on Friday 13th or Saturday 14th August and would be suitable for a play then please do contact me.
    Email is emma@brokenpipefilms.com
    Phone: 07846 147 845

    Many thanks,

    Emma Kendrick
    Broken Pipe Films and Theatre

  2. Melba Morgan says:

    My daughter is at the Arts Eductional School (Performing Arts) in London and is looking to host a small concert for fundraising to go to Cuba in March with the school and also so that local people who have supported her can see her again. Can you tell me if the venue is suitable to be booked for such an event and what the charges would be. Many thanks
    Melba Morgan

  3. Becki York says:

    Hi Nick

    I was wondering when or how I could go about purchasing tickets fo Milton Jones (I know this is a little way off yet). I am going to see if I can get a large group of us together and tie it in with afood after at Exotic Dining.



  4. Hi
    I have recently taken over tour booking for Rory McLeod and wondered if you’d be interested in booking him at some point. Rory is one of the uk’s most brilliant live roots entertainers. If you don’t book acts yourself and use outside promoters perhaps you could reccommend some that book this kind of music that i could contact.


    Dan Ashton
    Ash Keys Music
    07855 826 228

  5. Gemma Coles says:

    Hi there,

    I attended yesterday for both shows of Patrick Monahan, and both were great.

    Although I travelled from 2 hours away to get there, so am unlikely to return, I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic venue. The facilities are great, but above all the staff were extremely friendly and helpful.

    I would certainly consider returning if there was something else there that caught my fancy, and my cousins only live about an hour away.

    Thank you again for a great evening, and maybe see you again sometime :-).


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  7. rach says:

    Hi do you have a rough stage time for comedians? Im thinking of seeing Mark Thomas but have to get a bus home.


  8. Billy Wright says:

    I am contacting you on behalf of International recording artist:
    Jason Lee McKinney Band. The bands style is a mix of rootsy swamp, country, blues, folk, and rock-n-roll coined as Red Dirt/Americana.

    The band just released a new full album to stellar reviews; their newest video has hit over 115,000 views in the first month on YouTube. The Jason Lee McKinney Band has 3 videos in national rotation. The band is set to release a national radio campaign for the album on the Americana format as well as release a single to the Texas Music chart this summer.

    The band tours the Midwest, South East, Texas, and Europe extensively and would love to schedule a performance with you. While JLMB has had great critical acclaim for their albums and videos, the live show is really where they shine. McKinney’s live shows are fast paced, dynamic events that leave audiences exhausted, yet longing for more. McKinney’s easy charm stage presence aligns himself as one of the guys, without losing the distant aloof rock star vibe. McKinney commands the stage and the marching orders are a night to remember for everyone, every night, in every town, on every stage he plays. McKinney says, “I perform all out, every night, because all we ever have is tonight. That one night, on that one stage may be the only shared experience I get with a particular audience member and I will give everything I have to make sure they remember that night for as long as they live.”
    The band is set to play 80 dates this year and would love for one of the performances to be with you.

    Please check out the music and video below. I look forward to hearing back from you to schedule a date.

    EPK: http://www.jasonleemckinneyband.com/Music.html

    Original Music:

    http://youtu.be/s6FDp7C6uRc — Middle of Nowhere – playing nationally on ZCN

    http://youtu.be/x9_4K9E2XYo — Firefly — playing on ZCN

    http://youtu.be/F1Qsvu7NE0w — Dance with Me — playing on ZCN over 115K hits on Youtube

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AWuO-KKK7-g — Fan Video from Mragowo Poland 2012 Headliner Slot

    CD Reviews:




    Thank you sincerely,
    Billy Wright
    615 207 5695
    Music and Entertainment

  9. Yes! Finally something about kettering.

  10. stoneyport says:

    tried to call you but no reply tonight (Oct 29). I’m an agent (Stoneyport) representing several acts in which I think you’d be interested. Can you email me please on jb@stoneyport.demon.co.uk so I can send you information about touring and so on? Thanks, John Barrow. (m: 07968-131737)

  11. Phil Matthews says:


    I’m a Derby based singer/songwriter/guitarist with several albums to my credit and a new one due early next year.

    I’d love the opportunity to play at your forthcoming festival.

    Can you please tell me what I need to do to facilitate that?

    Phil Matthews

    the Village

  12. mark says:

    Hi there this is a very random request I’d like to hire a space for my sons birthday party on wed 4th febuary from 5 till 7 george is seven and there will be about 15 familys coming its a sensory circus party the party is a bit different because my son has special needs so we were going to do a circus party with smells tactile popcorn and custard pies to play with and I was going to do some juggling but since the ideagot out a music theropist a sensory magic show and the guys I juggle with have asked to help so its got a bit bigger than my front room so I was wondering if you had a room I could use as I’m really struggling finding someware

  13. Jane says:

    Can you tell me whether there is any disabled parking and access please?

    • Hello Jane,
      We have a slope to the main door along the Lindsay Street side of the Church. The best parking for this is to use the public car park outside the church (free but restricted to two hours Mon-Sat until 6pm, free and unrestricted after). The most convenient spaces are alongside the path next to the Church, although these aren’t designated as Disabled parking spaces.

      Our own Church Car Park has one designated space, nearest to the Church Halls, and is accessed from Crown Street. This is further away than the Public Car Park, though.

      Once into the building, the main area is level with the top of the slope. There is then a slope up to the toilets (and a disabled toilet with wall mounted grab-bars).


  14. Lynne Robertson says:

    I work with a great singer/songwriter called John Reilly, promoting his music and arranging concerts/selling tickets etc. He is based in Sheffielf but would love to share his music with a wider audience. Woul you be interested in putting on one of his concerts? If so how do I take this further?
    Many thanks
    Lynne Robertson

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