Kettering Arts Centre is hosted in St Andrew’s Church.
Lyndsey Street, Kettering, NN16 8RG

Many towns have Arts Centres, usually run by a management group and a team of volunteers to put on events that enrich the cultural life of their town. We felt it was time that Kettering had one too, and rather than wait until someone else did something about it, we decided to make things happen. Many Arts Centres are housed in disused churches. We  at St Andrew’s Church, town centre Kettering have a church building that is home to several thriving congregations, but which is still empty sometimes. So at a time when public, private and charitable funds are severely restricted we thought rather than buy or build a performance space, why not use our beautiful, historic, but flexible, town centre building.

All performances take place in the actual church building and access is through the main glass door with the Arts Centre logo on it. There is a public car park in front and our own church car park behind (accessed via Crown Street). We have a licensed cash bar, located at the back of the performance space, at reasonable prices. Where possible we use the local Potbelly beer and biogegradeable “plastic” glasses.

We always put on a programme of quality acts. We aim to book acts that we have seen personally or that we can wholeheartedly recommend through feedback from reviews, awards or personal recommendation. Acts that will put a smile on your face and a spring in your step, or challenge you to think, or broaden your horizons. And we aim to price competitively: you may well find many of the acts we put on are performing in Arts Centres in other towns with higher ticket prices.

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Kettering Arts Centre
St Andrew’s Church
Lyndsey Street
NN16 8RG
Email; office@ketteringartscentre.com