Our beautiful and unique venue in St Andrew’s Church has been at the heart of our Community for almost 150 years.

To celebrate this milestone in 2020 we committed to redeveloping the space to create a warm, safe, accessible, practical and beautiful building.

One fit for the 21st Century.

We want our venue to be;

  • Comfortable throughout the year
  • Accessible for all visitors
  • Safe for everyone using the building
  • Adaptable for the needs of the next generation
  • Sustainable into the future

But we need your help to make it a Reality

We have launched an exciting project to raise funds for this redevelopment. Members of the St Andrew’s Church are working hard to fund raise and have successfully raised over £200,000 from donations and Grant Making Trusts, but we would like to involve our Arts Centre Community too.

If you have ideas for fundraising, or access to any ways of supporting this project for Community buildings or you would like to donate, we would be hugely grateful. If you know of others in our town who love this building as we do, please share our vision with them.

To give online click the link below:

At any event come and ask a member of staff about the redevelopment but here is a summary of the plans:


The current flooring is unfit for purpose.
The parquet flooring is lifting making it unsafe for all.

The new ceramic tiles will be non-slip providing a safe surface for all the activities which will take place.


The present heaters are on the walls and are noisy and ineffective, heating the side aisles which are largely unused.

Underfloor heating will warm the whole of the church. Over time this will have the flexibility to be fuelled by ecological, sustainable means.


The current stage does not provide access for everyone.

By adding a ramp to the new, much bigger stage, which will then flow into the areas behind, we will be able to welcome everyone.


The current lighting is old and ineffective, unsafe to maintain.

The planned new system will be lower, at the base of the arches, enabling safer maintenance. It will also be more economic to run.


This is currently situated at the busy entrance to the building and is a trip hazard.

The font will be moved to the side altar near the toilet.

Bar Area/Kitchen

This area desperately needs creating.

Fun and community building through sharing food and drink is a big part of what we do.

A purpose built facility will be well used by Church congregations and Arts Centre patrons alike.

Welcome Area/Foyer

Currently we do not have a designated arrival area.

The provision of a welcome area will offer a sound proofed facility for little ones during services and a relaxed foyer for audiences for the Arts Centre.

Plus it will keep the heat in during winter.


This will be a wonderful finale to the project.

Its flexibility will mean it can be used to enhance choir performances for special services/events and for audiences to the Arts Centre