TODAY!! The Pantaloons Theatre Co. present: Pride and Prejudice

pantaloons pride and prejudiceSaturday 25th July 7.30pm (Doors Open 7pm)

Tickets £10 (Concessions £9)

For our exclusive interview with Mark Hayward by Pete Austin click here…

The works of Jane Austen have been interpreted on screen and stage many times, but none can compare to the current production by the Pantaloons Theatre Company.

For those unfamiliar with Pantaloons this will be an opportunity to come face to face with classic literature as never seen before.

Having reworked Bleak House, Sherlock Holmes, The Canterbury Tales, along with many others – including several of Shakespeare’s plays – The Pantaloons have turned their attention to what is probably one of the best-loved romantic stories of all time – Pride and Prejudice.

Pride and PrejudiceWriter and director Mark Hayward said: “We are known for being somewhat silly, but we will stay faithful to what it is that people love about the book in the first place. Hopefully it will give Austen fans what they are looking for in a staging of Pride and Prejudice – the romance, the scandals – whilst at the same time providing a great introduction to those who are new to the story.” Continue reading…

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