Saturday 16th March 2013 doors 7.30pm start 8pm

Mark SteelBBC 4 favourite, comedy legend and star of current, highly acclaimed, Sony Award winning and Writers Guild Award winning Radio 4 comedy show “Mark Steel’s In Town”, Mark is a hugely experienced Stand-up, and he’s also the star of the Mark Steel Lectures, featuring various historical figures. His show will be a combination of his love of & huge knowledge of history, his leftist  politics and his unique decision to make a virtue of his job as traveller to so many small British towns – insteads of berating their similarities he celebrates the quirks & individualities that make each town unique. Kettering: watch out!

Following his  Mark Steel’s In Town writer and stand-up comedian Mark Steel is back on the road.

Based on his award-winning BBC Radio 4 series, Mark Steel’s In Town, is a celebration of the quirks of small-town life in a country of increasingly homogenised high streets. Steel’s bespoke observations on the small, sometimes forgotten, towns of Britain go right to the heart of British culture today, championing the very people who shape the places we live in now.

“As everywhere hurtles along a route towards being identical to everywhere else, it seems any expression of local interest or eccentricity is becoming a yell of defiance. Scrape away the veneer of Wetherspoons and Pizza Hut-inspired uniformity, and the march of Tesco’s towards being reclassified as a continent, and Britain is as magnificently diverse as ever, and ready to celebrate each distinct community. The elements of a town that make it unique are what make it worth visiting; they change a journey from being functional to being an experience.”

Tickets are £15 each available here or at Waterstones Kettering or direct from St Andrew’s Church after services or from Becky Wills at St Andrew’s Vicarage, Lindsay Street, NN16 8RG 01536 513858 (except Fridays)

The show has a recommended age advisory of 14+ due to some use of strong language.