Ellie Williams

Ellie Wiliams 12th February 2011

Ellie Williams is an acoustic singer songwriter from Exeter, Devon. She is fast becoming recognised as one of the UK’s best kept secrets as she wows audiences with her sublime vocals and heart wrenching lyrics at her live shows.
Having gained internet fame for her record breaking stint on fan-funding music site Sellaband, Ellie has released her debut album ‘Unseen’.

If you are any doubt as to the talent of this superb artist read the user reviews of “Unseen” on amazon

Blessed with a sublime voice capable of great delicacy and strength, and following in the songwriting footsteps of artists such as Sarah McLachlan, Joni Mitchell and Tori Amos, Ellie’s music has been described as having the effect of ‘not so much tugging at the heartstrings but reaching inside and shaking them.’

Read more here

and find out more, as well as hearing samples of her music at her website here

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