April 21st Rolling in the Aisles Comedy Club Night

St Andrew’s Church, Lindsay Street, NN16 8RG

SHOW STARTS 8pm  Tickets £9 (plus booking fee) HERE

Your host, Nick Wills welcomes on April 21st:


“Tommy Cooper on acid.Channel 4

Master of mayhem, prop lunatic Wes Zaharuk, takes audience on a joy-ride of
frenzy machine-gun anarchic physical comedy routines and maniac physical
audience interaction. Wes is easily one of the most exciting acts on the
comedy circuit. If you like to laugh out loud you won’t want to miss this

Canadian Wes appeared across the USA and Canada before basing himself in
the UK. As well as North America, he’s brought his eccentric collection of
prop tricks to (amongst other countries) Germany, Israel, Cyprus, Denmark,
Australia and Singapore. He has a wealth of experience in both the club and
corporate worlds across North America and Europe.

Wes Zaharuk credits his comic roots to his parents. They made ‘not
listening’ an Olympic event. As a child, his parents dressed him in wool
pants that were incredibly itchy. Complain as he would, his words fell on
deaf ears. When he developed a skin condition that looked like a large,
all-dressed pizza, he was tested for allergies. It was found that he was
allergic to wool. Through it all, Wes developed his desire to be heard — if
only to reduce rash.

About the use of props, such as vacuums, whips, and blowers, in his
performance Wes quips ‘Show business sometimes lures people who didn’t get
enough love early in life. I feel as a child I didn’t get enough
unsupervised time with power tools but who has perfect parents?’

“Twin Peaks meets Cirque Du SoleilToronto Sun

“A rib-ticking dive into the surreal.Channel 4


Andy White is An energetic, confident and silly Brummie who combines silly
voices and a mad afro to devastating comic effect. Andy has numerous media
appearences, including the BBC New Comedy Awards on BBC Choice, Brand
Spanking New on BBC Radio 7 and his winning performance on the Weakest Link
comedian’s special! His appearance on the BBC quiz show featured in his five
star (* * * * * Three Weeks) Edinburgh show, ‘It Started With A Quiz’ in
2007. This followed on from his well-received one man show at the 2005
Leicester Comedy Festival: Young, Gifted and Beige.

Andy escaped from a call centre to become a stand up comic who mixes silly
voices and faces with observational humour, topical humour and his mixed
race background. He can do material that’s clever, cheeky, sick or just
silly and his performance can shift from deadpan to loud and physical. Andy
has played to a wide variety of audiences, adults and children, both at home
and abroad, in comedy clubs, theatres, universities, radio and TV shows, and
at corporate entertainment events. He regularly headlines up and down the UK
and has worked with all the major chains and comedy promoters along the way.
Overseas, he’s performed in Monte Carlo (Laughing Horse), Berlin (Bleu
Montag), Abu Dhabi and Dubai (Laughter House) amongst others.

“Had me exercising my pelvic floor muscles to avoid an accident” Karen
Slater, BBC Tees

“Undeniably entertainingChortle.co.uk

“Oozes talent” What’s On Magazine


Craig Deeley is a Birmingham-based stand-up who has crafted his art form
over the last ten years. Craig’s repertoire is one of anecdotal
observational comedy, combining humble self-mockery and tapping into the
ridiculousness of modern life and everyday occurrences that we all

Craig works throughout the UK and has toured extensively on the national
comedy circuit including regular comedy festival appearances. He has
fulfilled several broadcast media engagements and is also an experienced
stage actor and improvisation performer.

What a revelation! Really good, great material! — Cheeky Monkey

“Charming Brummie with a nice take on life” – Gay Times

“His 15 minutes were over far too quickly” – BBC Birmingham