Kettering Arts Centre at St Andrew’s Church is supporting and working in conjunction with Keystone Youth Centre on Rockingham Road, and one way we can show our support for a vital Community organisation is by hosting a 25o Club with great prizes (including a big cash prize).

Over the last year the Vicar of St Andrew’s Church, Nick, who often hosts our Arts events and the Curate, Kane, who you will often meet working behind the bar at events, have joined the team of Trustees at Keystone Youth Centre on Rockingham Road.
Over the past six months the Trustees have led a complete refurbishment of the buildings, with huge amounts of volunteer time, most coming from St Andrew’s Church volunteers, including a number of members of the Arts Centre team, to insulate the building, plasterboard, plaster, strip out rotten floor joists, relay floorboarding, completely rebuild the girls toilets, install heating etc etc etc
As we look to a bright new future, with a number of partnerships, including with The Princes Trust, to provide quality youth work and services for the young people of the town, our thoughts have turned to on-going revenue funding.
It’s relatively easy to secure grants for work on buildings, or new projects, more difficult for things like insurance and water bills, so we were delighted to be approached by Jim Lynch who has run very succesful fundraising clubs in the past, with an offer to set up a 250 Club for Keystone.
Jim’s letter, below, explains how the club will work in more detail. The prize list, also below, shows the quality of the prizes we will be offering. The cost per draw is £10, payable as £5 per month, and due to the generosity of local businesses, with your help we will able to raise enough money to cover Keystone’s annual running costs whilst still offering fantastic prizes (including a monthly top cash prize of £500, if more than 200 people are signed up!)
I hope you will consider supporting the massive effort that local volunteers are putting in to give the young people of Kettering opportunities now, and a brighter future.
If you have any questions about the 250 Club,and if you’d like to join please contact Jim Lynch who will send you a form:Contact Jim at Lynch887@btinternet.comThe Keystone 250 Club

The purpose of the above is to raise funds for The Keystone Youth Centre, to assist with the renovation and on-going costs. The building itself was left to the trustees to specifically provide a meeting place and facilities for the youth of Kettering.

Rather than just operate a bi-monthly draw for a share of the monies raised, we have contacted local businesses to help provide unique prizes. Smaller companies are encouraged to provide prizes on a shared cost basis.

The main prize will be a cash prize, the amount depending on the uptake of members.

100+ members £250 1st prize

150+ members £350 1st prize

200+ members £500 1st prize

The scheme is limited to 250 members and will be on a first come, first served basis.

The draws will take place on a bi-monthly basis and will preferably coincide with a Kettering Arts Centre event.

The money raised by the 250 club will be split as follows; 60% will go directly to support Keystone, the remaining 40% will be distributed as prizes. With the help of local businesses we hope to be able to reduce the cost of buying prizes, which will increase the amount raised for Keystone.

There will be no administration charges, so every penny you donate will go to this project, or back to you by the way of a prize!

The reason for the draws being bi-monthly is that it increases the cash prize, but also gives us time to provide the very best prizes we can.


How does the 250 club operate?

Shares in the Keystone 250 club are £5 each per month with payments being made by standing order or payable by cheque for an initial minimum period of 12 months. (After that the standing order can be cancelled at any time)

Only the numbers for the shares that have been sold will be entered in the prize draw.

The next draw will be made on 24th April 2013 and we will have a special draw in December.

To illustrate the quality of the draw, the prizes for the first draw were as follows-

  1. Cash prize £250 (100+ members) £350 (150+ members) £500 (200+ members)
  2. Tickets (2) to Manchester United v Reading 16th March – Value £200 *
  3. Tickets (2) to Manchester United v Reading 16th March – Value £200 *
  4. Individual lifesize cutout – Value £80 *
  5. £50 voucher for Italian meal for 2 at Bella Sicilia, Montagu Street **
  6. £50 voucher for Beauty Treatment **
  7. Round of Golf for two at Oundle Golf Club – Value £50 *
  8. Tickets (4) to Peterborough Speedway – Value £60 *
  9. £30 voucher for Kids play **
  10. Surprise Item

* Donated prize

** Shared cost prize


Keystone 250 Club Rules-

  1. The purpose of the lottery is to raise money for the Keystone Youth Centre.
  2. The 250 club will be run by an Administrative Committee
  3. The target is to have 250 members
  4. Shares will be sold at £5 per month for a minimum contract period of 12 months payable by Standing Order or cheque payable either monthly or annually in advance.
  5. Only members of the club will be allowed to participate in draws
  6. Money paid for shares will not be refundable should a member wish to discontinue membership
  7. Only numbers for the shares sold and paid for will be entered in each bi-monthly draw. This will provide a better chance of winning
  8. A bank account will be opened into which all receipts will be paid and from where prize money will be issued
  9. A list of winners will be posted on the Keystone website
  10. A register will be kept of members, prizes paid out and funds paid to the Keystone Youth Centre. The accounts will be audited each year
  11. Share certificates will only be valid for the period that the subscriptions have been paid
  12. In the event of a dispute the Administrative Committees’ decision if final