OTIZ 1History of Magic – Abridged!

Saturday, 6th June 2pm £10 (Concessions £8) £30 family of four (or more)

As part of the Kettfest program we are pleased to bring one of the most popular forms of entertainment to Kettering Arts Centre – Magic.

This truly family oriented show is funny, informative with lots of golden moments in which all can get involved – there are plenty of hands-on opportunities to create exciting experiences to remember and take home. Presented in a light-hearted fashion and with many tricks up his sleeve Otiz’s abridged history of this ancient craft starts with the OTIZ3first magic illusion then, punctuated with outbursts of nonsense, takes the audience through the chequered history of magic. Whether you are five or 105 this show will delight and entertain you from start to finish. As one dad said: “I’m not sure who laughed more – me or my son.”

The sleight of hand and quick wit of Otiz Canneloni combine to create a remarkable and compelling act for all ages to enjoy. As part of the KETTFEST celebrations, Kettering Arts Centre, is pleased to announce that on the afternoon of Saturday, 6th June it will be presenting a unique show: History of Magic – Abridged. Curiosity, disbelief and dare we say, scepticism, have drawn people to the world of magic for centuries. However, no one, until now, has quite mastered the techniques that Otiz brings to the stage at all of his performances. Only he can condense the history of this ancient craft into a side-splitting hilarious show that has to be seen to be believed – he really does have the magic touch.

OTIZ_RABBIT_LoWith many a trick up his sleeve, (where else), this abridged history begins with the first magic illusion then takes you on an informative journey on the development of this art, but this is no ordinary history lesson. Delivered the flair, panache and quick-fire wit of the stand-up comedian Otiz recounts the chequered history of magic with dexterity and plenty of audience participation – hands-on opportunities play an important part in this show.

Informative it is but with a mind more suited to testing crash helmets, his performance fluctuates between sheer genius and downright stupidity making for one truly family oriented show. He once said that it has taken years of practice to make something so simple look so difficult.

This is family entertainment at its best and whether you are five or 105 your attention will be firmly fixed on the stage from start to finish.

The show starts at 2pm and tickets, cost £10 (Concessions £8) or £30 for a family of four (or more), are available from Waterstones, Kettering and online. Early booking is advised to avoid disappointment.