Thursday 10th December 7.30pm

Kettering Arts Centre @ St Andrew’s Church

Tickets: £5

jhp_release_cdWhat’s it all about?

The night after Johnny died, some of his friends met up in the local pub and “cajoled” their friend Simon into singing an impromptu song about Johnny, which he did. It was videoed, we saw it and we asked Simon if he would like to sing it at Johnny’s funeral, which he did and it was brilliant. Along with Simon we decided to get the song recorded and released as a tribute to Johnny and that is what we have done. Simon Connolly has spent a lot of this last year working on getting it created and we/he will be releasing it at Kettering Arts Centre on December 10th. It will be available to buy in CD form and also as a download which you should be able to pre-order 3 weeks before. It will be a festive night of music with some great local bands/singers, culminating in the song itself which will hopefully raise a few pennies for JHP but mostly we hope it’s just a really fun night! Tickets can be bought at the JHP cafe on a Saturday and from Eventbrite

Eventbrite - Johnny's Happy Place hosts a festive music gig & CD launch

jhpThere are many people out there who, for one reason or another, through circumstance, are having a tough time. They might have anxiety issues, depression or just feel isolated. What we have done, with the help of some wonderful people, is created a beautiful cafe space as our base. To begin with, whilst we sort things out, the cafe space will be our focus. It will be open on Saturdays from 10am-4pm. We would like to help those with mental health problems in and around Northamptonshire. There will be arty craft room with readily available art supplies, music, a book swap area and eventually a relaxation room where JHP_Orgthere will be different relaxation therapies on offer as well as an art gallery to display local people’s work. The area will be run by volunteers and everything on offer will be on a pay what you can basis. We are simply a welcoming space, where people can come and sit for 6 hours and read a book, make something arty, have some food and a cup of tea, for free if they can’t afford it, meet new people and hopefully smile and maybe have a laugh.

JHP_CmaCOur aim is to eventually organise different activities both on Saturdays and throughout the week in and around the cafe area. We would like to create a timetable of activities that would benefit the vulnerable adults and children that we want to help.jhp_small These could be mindfulness lessons, yoga, healthy eating classes, talks and lectures, peer support groups – a whole host of things.  Whilst we just open on Saturdays, other groups and organisations can use/hire our room for their activities. JHP can always supply the tea, coffee and cake! Please contact us if this interests you. JHP is currently in it’s infancy and we may not be able to realise all of our ambitions for a few months but we will get there with time. It will also be forever developing and we welcome ideas from people!

JHP_bookNorman the Caterpillar Book Released

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