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KAC_LogoWe’ve had some great events at Kettering Arts Centre at St Andrew’s Church, and so you can see the calibre of the acts we have booked already we will archive the pages via the past events tab at the top of the page. Hover over the past events tab and then go down the drop down list and click on an event name to read more about it, or click on the links below.

Jacqueline Wilson 6th March 2010 Our first event as Kettering Arts Centre, a queue waiting outside more than an hour before, and a Queen soundtrack (as requested by Dame Jacqueline) to build the atmosphere and anticipation beforehand. And so it began, the audience was rapt as the new book “Little Darlings” was launched, loads of questions were asked, mainly about Tracy Beaker (of course) and how Jacqueline gets her ideas and inspiration. A fantastic first event and Shelley from Waterstone’s and her team went home very happy (and very tired).  Click here for more.

Jeremy Strong 5th June 2010 Another author event in partnership with Kettering Waterstone’s, saw the launch of two new books, “Batpants” and “We want to be on the Telly”, and a very funny talk by Jeremy. Click here for more.

Dave Keech’s Close to the Bone 17th July 2010 Kettering-born international Jazz trombonist Dave Keech brought his new six piece band for some that were smouldering, some that were sizzling, but all that were HOT! Including a song that was hastily christened “Brains” at St Andrew’s Church… A beautiful summer’s evening in a fantastic venue that got more and more atmospheric as the night drew in and the lights went down… or maybe that was the effect of our first licensed bar?  Click here for more.

Safe House A special preview of their Edinburgh Festival show by the Northamptonshire based Broken Pipe Theatre Company. The first drama production at Kettering Arts Centre, with an amazing high-tech recreation of a secret service observation station, with video links, computer profiling and location CCTV…  Click here for more.

Philippa Gregory 20th August 2010 In partnership with Waterstone’s, Kettering, the world-wide best-selling author of, amongst many historical novels, “The Other Boleyn Girl”, launched the second of her books about the powerful women of the War of the Roses, “The Red Queen”. A great talk, followed by an even more eye-opening question and answer session in which Philippa told us exactly what she thinks of David Starkey!  Click here for more.

Alex Horne 11th September 2010 Perrier nominated comedian with his 5 star rated show “Word Watching”, which featured three Alex’s talking at once, a special guest star (“QUINNEY!”) and a book singeing afterwards… A great night, which also saw the debut of Kettering’s own Potbelly Bitter at our bar, well worth the honk! Click here for more.

Tropical Inc 9th October 2010 Glenn from Tropical Inc brought a host of furry, scaley, and feathery friends and they gave us three outstanding shows in a hugely successful day. All the children who came along who spoke to us afterwards went away thrilled to be able to get so close to such exciting animals. And quite a few adults had experiences they won’t forget in a hurry, as they handled the tarantula, snakes, terrifying and deadly snapping turtle and the not-so-smelly-after-all skunk. Of course the star of the show was Peanut the Meerkat! Click here for more. I’m sure that there will be lots of photos on our facebook page as there were so many wonderful photo opportunities.

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