Gallery – Potbelly Folk, Blues and Roots Festival Day

kev_buxtonshape_picOrganiser Kev Buxton in association with Kontra Roots Promotions has pulled together another fantastic line-up of acts to perform throughout the day and into the night.

In addition to this for the first time he has incorporated a new event into the 2015 Potbelly Folks, Blues and Roots Autumn festival The Potbelly Song Contest.

And our winner was:


Organiser Kev Buxton and Marie-Claire Berreen & Her Husbands presenting our winner Amy Addison with prizes which included a visit to the Potbelly Brewery, free tickets for an event of her choice at the Kettering Arts Centre and the Winner’s Certificate.

Congratulations Amy Addison for winning The Potbelly Song Contest.

Images by: Evie Firth 

mural_02 paul_01 PFestival_competition_contender_01 PFestival_competition_contender_02 PFestival_competition_contender_06 002 003 a1 a6 a9 a10 bronze_plaque church_rooms_05 fireside_knight_05 fireside_knight_06 fireside_knight_11 fireside_knight_16 guest_enjoying_great_music K_Buxton_organizer_01 K_Buxton_organizer_03 m_claire_and_her_husbands_07 m_claire_and_her_husbands_09 mural mural_01001  006   a3   a4 a7  a12   church_rooms_04   fireside_knight_07 fireside_knight_08  fireside_knight_09   fireside_knight_10   fireside_knight_13 fireside_knight_14  fireside_knight_15   fireside_knight_17   m_claire_and_her_husbands_01 m_claire_and_her_husbands_03  m_claire_and_her_husbands_04   m_claire_and_her_husbands_05   PFestival_competition_contender_05 PFestival_competition_contender_08  PFestival_competition_contender_09   PFestival_competition_contender_10   PFestival_competition_contender_11

KAC would like to thank Evie Firth for sharing her amazing photos, truly appreciated.

Tickets for our events are available from Waterstones, High Street, Kettering, by post from Becky at St Andrew’s Church (cheques made payable to “PCC of St Andrew’s Kettering”) to St Andrews Vicarage, Lindsay Street, Kettering NN16 8RG

You may also buy or reserve tickets from Jaime Ferreira by email at or online at We Got Tickets (subject to a booking fee).


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