300x300Tracking down a person and stopping them long enough to answer a few questions does not, on the face of it, sound too difficult a job.

However, add in the fact that at times this person may well be extremely busy (but then why would you want to ask questions of someone who does nothing?), on top of that, this person may be continually on the move with nowhere feasible to meet at a mutually convenient time. It is at that moment in the greater scheme of things that the practicalities of a face to face conversation start to evaporate.

Modern technology, (I’m including the phone here too) should allow some sort of conversation to be struck albeit just voice, voice and image (Skype), txt (to use the appropriate spelling) but this still requires both parties to be available simultaneously.

Unfortunately, none of the above could be fashioned into a tangible arrangement and so, for my final interview feature I had to resort to the old fashioned method of sending off a bunch of mundane questions in the hopes of receiving some insightful answers.

Here then are the results of a non-conversation with Tiff Stevenson who is appearing at Kettering Arts Centre in her one-woman show, SEVEN, on Saturday, 28th January.

Starting with the boring stuff:

PA: Why did you get into comedy and who were/are your inspirations/role models?

TS: I have answered this question everywhere, honestly google it.

(PA: I did – basically Tiff Stevenson is a stand-up comedian, actor and writer. In 2015 Thetiff-stevenson-250x215 Times picked Tiff as one of their top 10 comics to watch at the fringe since then she has become a well-known face on television screens, appearing in BBC3’s hit mockumentary People Just Do Nothing and as a panellist on Mock The Week (BBC Two). Other credits include The Office (BBC Two), The Apprentice: You’re Fired (BBC Two), Only Joking (Sky), Russell Howard’s Good News (BBC Two), Never Mind the Buzzcocks (BBC Two), Celebrity Deal or No Deal (Channel 4) and Safeword (ITV2).)

PA: Presumably you are working in the job you enjoy the most, but had you not found fame in the world of comedy what would Tiff Stevenson be doing now?

TS: Probably working as a waitress in a cocktail bar. Or being an amazing front woman for a band.

PA: As a successful artist who has appeared on stage, television and radio – which medium do you prefer to work in and why?

TS: They are all fulfilling in different ways. You need a balanced diet. However live cannot be edited so it’s more of a rush.

tiffany-stevenson-comedianPA: Do you have a plan for the next five years and, if so, can you reveal any of it?

TS: What am I Stalin? Who has a 5 year plan?

PA: Following on from that – if not already accomplished where would be your dream venue to perform and why?

TS: The Albert Hall, I watched Victoria Wood’s ‘Live At The Albert’ on repeat. Also Carnegie Hall, apparently there is a way you can get there…

PA: What has been your most embarrassing moment on stage – or real life – and the most entertaining (stage/life)?

TS: I nearly threw up on stage once after having a bad oyster. My real life embarrassing moments get turned into anecdotes for my shows.

PA: Seven is the appropriate name for your seventh tour – many people have an affinity with certain numbers – do you have one and if so what and why?

TS: 7 is good and 34 which was the number of my childhood home. Also if you add 3+4 they equal & 7.

PA: Some comedians excel on the one-liner, others on long protracted stories which eventually reach the punch line – which do you prefer and why?tiffnbubmle-large_transeo_i_u9apj8ruoebjoaht0k9u7hhrjvuo-zlengruma

TS: Well it sounds like you don’t like the latter but I tend to do longer routines.

PA: Note – I like both so long as the end result is funny

PA: Who would you chose to play you in a film version of your life and why?

TS: James Acaster, he is from Kettering.

PA: Away from the limelight how do you relax – any hobbies etc. – and when choosing a holiday what destination tops the list and is it an adventure sightseeing or just poolside vacation?

mtw_with_tiff_stevensonTS: I play guitar badly and I use to horse ride, I might take that up again.

PA: Describe yourself in five words:

TS: I hate questions like this.

PA: Too far ahead to think about it really but Spike Milligan’s headstone reads ‘I told you I was ill’ what would your message be?

TS: Dead funny.

PA: What question would you like to be asked in an interview but which has yet to be put to you?

TS: What’s it like being a man in comedy.

Tiff Stevenson Tour ImageThe questions may have been longer than the answers but there will be no shortage of comedy at Tiff’s show for which tickets (cost £12) are already selling fast. Book now to avoid disappointment by contacting Kettering Arts Centre.

Saturday 28th January 2017

Doors open 7:30pm – 8pm start

Tickets for this and other events are available from Waterstones, High Street, Kettering. By post including an SAE to Jaime Ferreira at 4 Litchfield Close, Kettering NN16 9BS (cheques made payable to “PCC of St Andrew’s Kettering”). You may also buy tickets by emailing office@ketteringartscentre.com or online at We Got Tickets (subject to a booking fee) or call 07759765824 if you prefer to pay by card. All major credit cards accepted (subject to a booking fee).


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