SE3Simon Evans is a busy man. When not touring the comedy clubs he is in much demand on the after-dinner and corporate circuit, appearing on the television screen or making his opinions heard on the radio. Not for the faint-hearted, Simon excels in routines that are adult in the best sense of the word, and his current show, which is called In the Money, will leave few stones unturned as he explores the world of high finance. Aspects of French, American and British lifestyles all get the Evans treatment which you can experience yourself as this tour is stopping off at Kettering Arts Centre on Saturday, April 30.

SE2Due to the frenetic pace at which Simon works I was unable to pin him down for a one-to-one conversation, but at his suggestion, I settled for the next best thing. He was happy for me to send him some questions which he would then get round to answering (not necessarily at the same sitting) then send them on to me once completed. True to his word, ahead of his upcoming gig in Kettering, here is the Q&A session as received:

Q/ As a comedian which topic/subject gives you the most mileage?

A/ Almost certainly, my children, and the compromises and indignities of family life.  Often useful as a distorting mirror for current affairs.

SE5Q/ Was your first gig like, was it a ‘make or break’ affair or did you know it was the path you were destined to follow?

A/ Suspiciously good.  But then the audience was almost entirely composed of will wishers and other open spots.  I was in fact quite good from the get go, which was of course disastrous for my motivation in the long term.

Q/ With which are you ‘more at home’ tv, radio, writing for others, being live on stage?

A/ Live on stage, without a doubt.  I quite like radio.  I’m not a natural in TV studios, I’m afraid.  The audience can sense my contempt.

Q/ What made you forsake law for the comedy circuit?SE4

A/ I forsook law within weeks of starting my degree.  I’d attempted to enter the profession under huge misapprehension, namely that it was like Rumpole of the Bailey, being witty in front of a jury. It wasn’t, it was lots of reading and making notes and hardly any being witty at all.  Sadly it took me another ten years before I realised there really was a job like that… But I got there in the end.

Q/ Who is the person that makes you laugh the most?

A/ My friend Ross.  Always has, since I was twelve.

Q/ What is your greatest ambition – if not already achieved – if so what has been the highlight of your career to date?

A/ My ambition, truthfully, is to skilfully transit from being a stand up to being something ever so slightly more Clive Jamesian, or perhaps Peter Ustinovian.  I have an awful lot of catching up to do on the erudition and richly-anecdotal-life fronts.

Q/ When you are not touring/working how do you like to spend your free time? – (if you have any)

A/ I enjoy bursts of getting fit – I’m currently running, especially trail running – and bursts of sketching, just graphite, which I find very meditative.  I am always careful to lose interest in either of these pursuits before I build enough momentum to actually improve.

SE1Q/ Without giving too much away – why should people buy a ticket to come and see you at Kettering Arts Centre?

A/ Because I will be revealing The Truth.

Q/ If you had to liken yourself to a musical instrument, which one would you be?

A/ A blues harp, or simple harmonica.  Not much range, but some interesting squawks and hoots and a surprising capacity for compelling rhythm.

In the Money starts off with lofty ambitions about economics but don’t let that put you off. Simon is sure to get derailed sooner rather than later and anything and everything is ‘game on’ for this captivating comedian.

Simon Evans – In the Money

simon_evans_1Saturday 30th April

Tickets:  £14 (Concessions £12) 14+

Doors open 7.30pm – start 8pm

Humour can be found in virtually every situation. This is why it should come as no surprise that the host of BBC Radio 4’s Goes to Market and star of BBC1’s Live at the Apollo, Simon Evans, has garnered material from the realms of high finance after immersing himself in economics for the last couple of years. Continue reading…

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