We have a two-fold vision as Kettering Arts Centre: to bring the best nationally recognised performers and artists to our town, and to support and encourage participation in the creative arts by local individuals and groups.

We already host five art groups and a craft group, who showcase their talents at their annual Art Exhibition and sale. Contact Michael for more information  tel 01536 341049

We host an annual Community Christmas Fair, at which local choirs and bands perform, alongside stalls representing local charities and community groups.

Look out for other Community Events or links to other local Community Groups.

10 Responses to Community

  1. Cliff Eaton says:

    Are there any art classes or workshops? I am interested in portrait and figure life drawing. I am struggling to find anything like that around this area.

  2. jerry connolly says:

    met you today and enjoyed the scope and reach of your ambition..will in the first instance get along to the friday night gig and mr monaghan…try talking to darren neckles – i think that’s his name – about the approach he takes to the musician pub at leicester – perhaps having a kind of extended franchise exchange..the musician runs a stage at summer sundae stage. summer sundae itself is worth a visit – about £100 for three days..they have a knack of getting bands/artists on the way up as well as back-catalogue artists (The Fall last year)..

    sara smith-petersen and I have media expertise (writing/editing) and might be able to help, though i really liked the quality of your spring events flier…

    will also forward info to others on my email list…
    all the best

    jerry connolly

  3. Kimberley says:

    Please can you tell me who is eligible for a concession? I cannot find this information on your website.

    If disabled does the accompanying carer go free as with other theatre companies?

    Many thanks

    • Hi Kimberley,
      I will rectify that omission today.
      We are a community arts centre so we want to make our events as affordable and accessible as possible. Concessions refers to anyone who is unwaged, eg children, students, unemployed, long-term disabled, pensioners etc.
      Please get in touch with me at or 01536 513858 if a carer is needed to accompany a disabled person and we will sort out tickets for them.
      Hope that is ok,
      Becky Wills

  4. Claire says:

    Can you let me know a little bit more of the arts group. I know a gentleman who would like to learn more skills – painting in particular and is trying to find somewhere to learn these skills as an interest in the evenings

    Many Thanks

  5. Hi I’m a local artist/crafter looking to join groups or showcase my work and generally meet other artists/crafters

  6. Dave says:

    What art groups attend the centre. I’ve been looking to join an art group for some time.

  7. Susan hackers says:

    Hi do you do art classes for children? My 6 year old is showing talent but I’m finding it difficult finding suitable art classes

  8. Karen gatrell says:

    My mum lost her husband after 59 years 6 months ago and although feeling very lonely she loves craft and making cards got her own little craft room. Hazel my mum is 77 but looks like a 70 year old. Mum doesn’t drive could you email me the times and if new people can turn up for a class, sorry I live 3 hours away and trying too find her a craft class as I know she will be nervous meeting new people as was always with my dad. Thank you Karen x

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