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Less than a month until Richard Herring makes his Kettering Arts Centre debut

ohfrig_lWe are very excited to be hosting Richard Herring’s Oh Frig, I’m 50 on Saturday 28th April. It will be Richs first appearance at Kettering Arts Centre and a very exciting time for local residents (well definitely me at least).

Originally famous for co-creating Alan Partridge (allegedly) and the fantastic 90’s TV comedy shows Fist of Fun (which had the profound effect of adding the phrase ‘moon on a stick‘ to my lexicon) and This Morning With Richard Not Judy (featuring the iconic meeting of Kevin Eldon as Rod Hull and the Curious Orange), he left the heady days of TV broadcasting behind to concentrate on amassing a die-hard and loyal fan base over the next 20 years, with sixteen Edinburgh shows and subsequent national tours.

He is a prolific podcaster with Richard Herrings Leicester Square Theatre Podcast (RHLSTP, RHLSTP!) now up to thirteen series and 170+ episodes (and having just won another Chortle award), nearly 80 episodes of Richard Herring’s Edinburgh Fringe Podcast (RHEFP) and the proudly nigh-on unlistenable Me1 vs Me2 Snooker, in which he recreates his lonely childhood by playing himself at a game of snooker while commentating on it as himself.

Oh and he raised £150,000 for Refuge on International Womens Day by using twitter to tell idiot men who asked ‘When is International Mens Day?’ that it is November 19th.

“I thought this year it would be nice if we raised some money…to turn stupid or negative comments by people who don’t understand how to Google into something that will be positive and helpful.”

Having seen this show earlier in the year I can personally attest as to how great it is and that he absolutely deserves his legendary status!

Doors open 7:30pm and the show starts at 8pm.

Tickets are £17.50 (+booking fee) from WeGotTickets or you can buy them in person at Waterstones Kettering (ask behind the counter).


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