A Nordic tale and the Play they tried to Ban!!

whipering road seriouskitchen-publicity-notextIf, like me and a sizeable chunk of the British public these days you have a fascination with all things Scandinavian… you will love our latest offering “The Whispering Road” on 12th February at 7.30pm; a saga from the North to transport you to lands of fjords and trolls, complete with live, authentic music played on instruments you will never have seen before… Don’t miss out on a night of superb story-telling and sublime music.  Tickets £8 (£7 concessions) (members of our Friends scheme, look out for a special offer for this show by email coming soon).

You may have heard about our next offering in a Bible 1 RSCbizarre news story last week when a council in Northern Ireland tried to ban the play by the world renowned Reduced Shakespeare Company: The Bible, the Complete Word of God (Abridged!) . They eventually reversed the decision as common sense prevailed. We went to see the play to check it out for ourselves and I would heartily recommend that you do the same on 22nd February  – it was brilliant; funny, witty, silly and affectionate towards its source material. If you want to read many many more testimonials and reviews, see their facebook page including a front page 5 star review in the Belfast Telegraph!! Tickets are amazingly still available here, so get in quick for a show which has sold out in theatres world-wide. £15 (£13)

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