Award Winner + Kettering’s Finest + Eclectic Electric Folk

So yesterday the five candidates for the Edinburgh Festival Comedy Award were announced. What if it turned out we’d already booked one of them to bring their show to Kettering? And what if she was supported here by Kettering’s own stand-up star James Acaster? And what if as a bonus she was also supported by electro-folk-fusion singer-songwriter The Pictish Trail? And what if the Edinburgh Award nominee in question had already won the Edinburgh Festival Newcomer Comedy Award in 2006? And appeared on Buzzcocks and You Have Been Watching, and written for and appeared on Skins, and had her own Radio 4 series?
I guess you’d be impressed if all that was true, but a bit doubtful and suspicious… Can it be? Can it really be? Josie Long here in Kettering! And with such stunning support acts! The tickets must be like 20 quid each surely? NOOOOO! They’re not! Because we promised you the best acts and we said we could do it at recession beating prices. Tickets for Josie Long’s “Be Honourable”, 8.00pm on Saturday 27th November 2010, are only £10 in advance (£12 (£10 concessions) on the door) and they go on sale online and in our usual outlets next week! Loads more here…

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